Perfect power, perfect cooling, perfect connectivity, and perfect support ensuring your servers and applications are always available.

Colocation NorthWest's South Hill Seattle data center is the future hub for telecommunication connectivity in the northwest. Exceeding 99.999% uptime, our facility offers a solution to all of your data center needs. South Hill has over 50,000 feet of move-in ready available space, with an additional adjacent powered cold shell facility customizable to your needs. Our South Hill Seattle data center is uniquely suited to provide either primary or redundant data center for general enterprise purposes, high-density, high performance computing, hybrid cloud deployments, and disaster recovery services. Colocation NorthWest can partner with you and provide solutions to safeguard your mission critical systems and services. Our facilities offer unique custom solutions providing maximum uptime and optimal operations.

Perfect Power

Colocation Northwest's South Hill Seattle data center has superior power management systems that are USGBC LEED Gold Certified. Our facility has immediate availability of 7 megawatts of power with scalability to 40 or more megawatts of additional power if required. The South Hill Seattle facility is designed to house high performance, dense, computing systems offering over 30 kW a cabinet. All of our electrical power is delivered via a dedicated, dual-fed 50 megawatt substation supplied by environmental conscious, renewable hydroelectric and wind generation sources. If additional power is needed our substation can be easily expanded in 25 MW increments, so power is never in short supply. Our South Hill uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems offer true N+1 redundancy as do our backup generation systems, so your critical load needs are fully covered regardless of any event.

Perfect Cooling

Our advanced, highly efficient evaporative cooling systems provides maximum availability of cooling to your equipment with an Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.3. Utilizing 100% of the outside air efficiencies provided by the temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest, our N+1 redundant cooling systems offer a savings of more than 35% in energy and maintenance costs over similar data centers in the south and California. Our cooling solution ensures your equipment is always at the right temperature and available to reach its maximum computing capabilities without issue. Colocation Northwest's data center has a dual-fed, 2 million gallon a day supply of water provided by two separate municipal sources ensuring fully redundant capability and operation.

Perfect Connectivity

Colocation NorthWest's data center offers multiple Tier-1 and Tier-2 carrier connectivity options with diverse facility entry points and regional paths. If an unexpected event causes a carrier disruption or physical connectivity failure, your connected operations will remain intact, ensuring functional, connected business operations. With both carrier neutral availability and our own reliable, blended carrier mix as network connectivity options, Colocation NorthWest can supply maximum network availability with minimal latency and packet loss.

Our South Hill Seattle data center offers connectivity via redundant and diverse fiber connectivity to the Pacific Northwest’s principal interconnection facilities—the Westin Building Exchange (WBX) in downtown Seattle and Pittock Internet Exchange in downtown Portland. These direct connections allow for superior connectivity to Canadian, Asian, European, and American network service providers, carriers, and cloud providers. Colocation NorthWest has access to every major carrier in the region, in addition to interconnection points to other networks via the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX). Our Seattle data centers connect to the most robust and redundant network backbone available and include network-based route-optimization services that maximize network availability.

Perfect Support

In business for over 25 years, Colocation NorthWest is a trusted partner in the industry providing cost-effective and reliable IT and data center services that meet the needs of today's dynamic business environments. Colocation NorthWest works with our customers on a proactive basis, repeatedly going above and beyond to meet their needs. Most colocation providers simply supply professionally designed and efficient space with cooling and power, Colocation NorthWest provides this and so much more. Colocation NorthWest offers 24/7 managed services including smart hands and on-site support, as well as, a 24-hour onsite facility team to ensure all infrastructure is maintained and working perfectly. We provide many IT and management services beyond what other providers offer including managed monitoring, private cloud solutions, high-end enterprise backup solutions, and custom IT development.

Ideal Location and Security

Colocation NorthWest’s South Hill data center is located just thirty-five minutes from SeaTac International Airport on a secured 86 acre campus in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Our data center has 24/7 video and physical surveillance, multi-point computer controlled card security, and biometric authentication throughout the facility. In addition, our South Hill facility has enhanced mantrap security screening systems which are in operation for both pedestrian and shipping and receiving areas, ensuring optimal security. We also have onsite meeting areas and office availability, as well as secure private suites or custom rack solutions to meet the needs of dynamic business environments. The entire campus is protected by perimeter and individual facility security fencing reviewed by regular security patrols. Our colocation and operational systems meet the national industry standards for PCI and SSAE 16 compliance. Audited by third-party certified organizations for financial, procedural, security, and availability compliance; our data centers are the best, and most secure, facilities available for your business.

Environmental and Area Risk

Strategically positioned in the Seattle metro area without the challenges and risks of being in the downtown core, our South Hill facility is designed to offer the safest environment possible. Colocation NorthWest's South Hill location minimizes the environmental uncertainties and risks that hinder other data center operations in the area and the greater west coast. Certified by third-party geotechnical engineers to a be at low risk of liquefaction susceptibility or surface fault ruptures, our south hill data center is one of the safest communication hubs on the west coast. South Hill is built on bedrock exceeding Seismic Building Code Requirements by 25%. Unlike most Seattle data center facilities, our location minimizes risk from flood events, positioned above the 500-year flood plain and well outside of liquefaction and lahar hazard areas. Your colocated equipment is at less risk in our South Hill facility than any other data center in the northwest, ensuring peace of mind and continual, flawless operation.

South Hill Data Center Details

  • 7 Megawatt Available for Immediate Occupancy. 50 MW Dedicated Onsite Substation.
  • Scalable Infrastructure—Standard Configuration of 150 Watts per ft2 of Dedicated Power with Significant Scalability for Highly Dense Systems
  • Carrier Neutral Availability Through Diverse and Redundant Pathways
  • Highly Efficient Evaporative Cooling System Utilizing 100% Outside Air

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