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Private Cloud

Colocation Northwest plans, deploys and maintains private cloud installations. Our knowledgeable, experienced engineers and technicians can provide comprehensive start-to-colocation consulting or be there only when you need expert support.

Make us your trusted advisor. You may wish to operate a private instance of a popular cloud service provider, like Microsoft Azure Stack, to achieve speed, security, cost or compliance. You might run a Software as a Service application, hosting and storing end user data. Either way, Colocation Northwest is here to assist.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

A cloud environment operated entirely on your organization's own IT infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

A private cloud and public cloud that shares data or operates as a single network.



Similar to hybrid clouds, multi-clouds connect two or more public cloud to a private cloud.

Colocation or Hosting

Operate your company-owned private cloud hardware within one of our data centers or lease hosted IT infrastructure from Colocation Northwest. We offer dedicated Dell servers and scalable virtual private server options.

With a hosted private cloud your business receives the same benefits of operating an owned private cloud inside a carrier class data center without carrying a large capital expense. Receive identical connectivity speed, operational reliability and security.

Our consultants and engineers will work together with your IT team to assess your needs. Then, Colocation Northwest will construct your hosted private cloud.

For businesses that prefer to purchase and place their own IT infrastructure in colocation, our team will assist as much or as little as desired.

Private Cloud Services

Whether you invest in a private, hybrid or multi-cloud, Colocation Northwest can serve your organization with any or all of these areas.


Private cloud projects begin by selecting the correct mix of cloud service providers, software and hardware to successfully meet your business objectives. Our team understands the nuances of features, quality and cost. We help you navigate toward your best options.


For most organizations their most frequent technology purchases are laptops and Microsoft 360 licenses for new employees. Ordering servers, firewalls and networking gear may seem complicated or foreign to your team. We do it all the time and are happy to use our experience in service to you.


Some people love unboxing and solving the jigsaw puzzle of installing and connecting equipment into beautifully aligned cabinets and braided cables. Not you? Then make our IT team your IT team. We do all the hard work for you.


Many IT administrators and developers know their way around AWS and IBM control panels. But, how do you get from turning on private cloud infrastructure power switches for the first time to running actual business operations? Colocation Northwest will install and configure software and integrate everything with your network and providers.

Managed Services

Why send team members to your colocation data center? Colocation Northwest can monitor your equipment, perform regular maintenance and repair or install upgrades. We will keep you running so your staff can stay focused on achieving your business goals.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

From back-end software and configurations to end user data, we can create a business continuity program that will keep your company operational when the unexpected becomes unpleasantly real. Colocation Northwest can arrange everything from remote backups to whole failover operations outposts.

How Can We Turn Your Cloud Dreams into Reality?

Cloud Connectivity

Colocation Northwest can arrange U.S. domestic and international express connects and direct connects with cloud service providers. Each of our data center connects, via dark and lit fiber, with the Westin Building Exchange, the Pacific Northwest regional carrier hotel.

Inside our downtown Seattle data center, PCCW Global operates an access point that Colocation Northwest users may cross-connect to, and access Console Connect™ automated cloud service provider provisioning and routing.

Another cloud provider connectivity option Colocation Northwest offers to its users is access to PCCW Global and their Console Connect™ automated cloud service provider provisioning and routing.

Our network includes three carrier hotels featuring multiple cloud provider access points and cloud fabric providers.

Distinguished Service

Thanks to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, Seattle is known as cloud city. It should come as little surprise to learn that our senior engineers were creating virtual server and compute environments for global enterprise companies wishing to exploit the leading edge of this technology. Over the years cloud computing matured into a wide array of sophisticated offerings. Still, the lessons we learned, configuring and hardening private clouds to reliably operate and ward-off would-be attackers, continues to inform and contribute to the high quality of our work.

International Scope

Often private clouds are networked to on-premises and far-flung remote IT infrastructure in other data centers, perhaps supporting edge computing or Internet of Things. We can arrange colocation and connectivity throughout the United States in much of the world. Our services are not limited to Seattle.

Get Knowledgeable and Experienced Advice for Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud?

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