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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Ensure Your Business Continuity

Whether because of natural disaster, equipment failure or human error, IT break downs are inevitable. Colocation Northwest works with you to plan and deploy a robust business continuity program for your organization. Make us your partner and home for connectivity, remote backups and failover operations sites.

Our abilities do not stop at our data center doors. For companies that require extreme reliability, we can arrange for and deploy redundant facilities in diverse geographic regions. We are your central partner.

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From Consultation to Deployment

Your organization is different. It has its own data and operations structure. Our IT engineers meet with clients to develop the right mix of technology and connectivity. Colocation Northwest can procure hardware and software on your company's behalf, and even deploy and configure it. You may never have to step into our data center.

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Remote Backup and Systems Failover Connectivity

With optic fiber paths between three carrier hotels and all of our data centers, we can connect you to virtually any data center, cloud provider or application vendor point of presence.

For companies colocating their remote backups, Colocation Northwest provides and configures connectivity to save your data, connect it to applications during an emergency and to restore your data to its primary location.

For businesses that backup from colocated servers to the cloud or a dedicated cloud-like Disaster Recovery as a Service, Colocation Northwest can provide fast connectivity to your provider.

For businesses colocating failover sites, we will connect your data, applications and internet to get you back online.

If your business continuity plan involves data connectivity or hardware with 100% uptime, you need to talk to us. If it does not, you may need to reassess your IT needs.

Remote Backups

We help businesses with all types of recovery scenarios. Store copies of on-premises or offsite data and applications in one or more of our data centers. You can bring in your equipment or we can procure and deploy for you.

While there are more ways than ever to backup resources in today's IT ecology, one thing is still true: your remote backups are only as good as your ability to recover them. If your organization needs protection from low probability, high-impact scenarios, situations where you must take physical possession of your data or hard drives, you need to have a conversation with us.

System Failovers

The South Hill Seattle data center is the perfect location for a secondary site to switch operations to during a primary site failure. Replicate your hardware, processes and data to quickly switch over to your disaster recovery outpost. Ensure your business will continue to operate smoothly.

South Hill Seattle Data Center

We strongly recommend using our Tier 3, enterprise ready, South Hill data center for disaster recovery and business continuity. South Hill is state-of-the-art, constructed to meet the same extreme standards that integrated chip manufacturers use. It exceeds the seismic building code by 25% and is certified by independent geotechnical engineers to survive a magnitude 9 Cascadia subduction earthquake with little or no damage.

Built on bedrock, the ground beneath South Hill will not splinter or liquify. This means that, during an earthquake, building damage is unlikely and ground silt will not come through the floors as can happen to data centers near or inside of the Duwamish, Green River and other regional flood plains.

Additionally, South Hill sits well above the 500-year flood plain, outside of tsunami and lahar zones, and over 20 miles away from the nearest known seismic fault.

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How Prepared is Your Organization for IT Failure?

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