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IT Hazard Mitigation in South Hill Seattle

Protect your technology investment and data. The South Hill Seattle data center offers the safest and most secure Tier III, N+1 colocation in the Greater Seattle region. Let us review your hazard mitigation plan or help you create one.

When, Not If

In the Pacific Northwest hazard mitigation must include ensuring continuous operations in the face of natural disaster threats like earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. No one wonders if the big one is coming. The only real question is when?

It your hardware and data protected? What technology losses will halt your operations to the point they cannot recover? Are resources in place to prevent such a catastrophe?

When is the last time you reviewed your IT hazard mitigation plan?

Survive a Megathrust Earthquake

Magnitude 9 Cascadia subduction zone earthquakes occur, on average, about every 500 years. The last one happened in 1700, 318 years ago. We are well past the halfway mark between probable events. The likelihood of a major megathrust earthquake increases daily.

Nearly all of Eliot Bay and the Duwamish Waterway is exposed to tsunamis and seiches. Seismic faults crisscross Puget Sound and Seattle. A special area of concern is Pioneer Square, home to many startups and technology companies. This is not an area where companies should keep important applications and data in office server rooms or on-premises data halls.

Keep Your Data Safe and Within Reach

We strongly recommend colocation in a safe, secure and nearby Tier III N+1 data center designed for extended operation on internal power.

The location must be safe from major earthquakes, major floods, tsunamis, lahars, volcanic ash, forest fires and other natural disasters known to affect the Pacific Northwest.

Security is paramount as not all disasters are natural. Fencing, keycards, biometric locks, mantraps and on-site staff are all attractive options. Look for combinations of two, three or more security measures.

A nearby location ensures you can get to your data and equipment. Storage in another state or in a public cloud can feel safe. It offers a good remote backup option. However, if a megathrust quake or volcano cuts off telecommunications, and connectivity will not be restored soon, the ability to drive to the data center may save your business.

A Tier III N+1 data center offers redundant connectivity, power and cooling. It can operate cut-off from the outside world. Look for an enterprise-strength facility with large onsite fuel storage. The more often a data center must resupply, the more likely it is to fail in the wake of a major disaster.

We will be happy to review your IT hazard mitigation plan or help you create one.

South Hill Seattle Technology Campus

Your Technology Always Up and Running

When things break, mission critical servers and storage have got to keep working. Colocation Northwest offers a 100% data center uptime service level agreement in South Hill Seattle. This is a true Tier III, N+1 data center featuring redundant connectivity, power and cooling to continue operating long after an unprecedented event.

Built on Bedrock!

The 86-acre South Hill Seattle Technology Campus may be the most resilient and secure in Washington State. Engineers carefully selected this location for its ability to withstand all manner of man-made and natural disasters.

Built on bedrock to avoid ground liquefaction and splintering during large earthquakes, the data centers of South Hill Seattle exceed seismic building code requirements by 25%. An independent geo-engineer rated the South Hill 1 data center to withstand a magnitude 9 Cascadia subduction zone earthquake with little to no damage.

Too many data centers around Puget Sound are susceptible to ground liquefaction. When the earth shakes, unconsolidated rock, made from loose particles, takes on a viscous liquid-like behavior. Buildings can crumble, sink or float as many as 150 yards from where they were. When this happens, no electrical generator will bring your IT back.

Far Away from Destruction

Mt. Rainer dominating the southern skyline makes clear Seattle days both special and ominous. Rainer is a 14,411-foot-tall active volcano at rest between eruptions. When the next event arrives, expect destructive lahars. Melted ice and snow will wipe away everything in its path, exactly how this happened after the Mt. Saint Helens eruption further south.

Safe from Global Warming

With rising sea levels, more frequent and damaging storms, and increasing forest fire danger, global warming effects are happening now and are intensifying. The South Hill Seattle Technology Campus sits 586 feet above sea level, high over the 500-year flood plain. It is safe from sea water, flash floods and forest fires.

86-Acre Campus

Up To 93 MW Onsite

Up To 812K Total SqFt.

Up To 310K Feet of White Space

300+ Watts Per SqFt.

Diverse and Redundant

Fiber Connectivity

Six Tier 1 and Tier 2

Carriers Onsite

Low-Latency Connections

To 2 Carrier Hotels

528 ft Above Sea Level

Above 500-yr Flood Plain

High Seismic Safety Rating

Tier 3 Class Data Center Space Available Now

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