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Downtown Seattle Data Center

In the Westin Building Exchange

Find secure, scalable space inside the Pacific Northwest’s principal interconnection facility.

With data centers on four floors, Colocation Northwest is one of the largest retail colocation providers in the Westin Building Exchange building. Located in downtown Seattle, adjacent to Amazon's brand new headquarters and office towers, the Westin building serves the Pacific Northwest as its regional carrier hotel. Host to over 250 networks, carriers and ISPs, this is one of the most connected buildings in the world.





Many features set our downtown data centers apart. Some users like being able to walk to their colocated hardware, Others prefer to use our managed services and let Colocation Northwest handle monitoring, maintenance and repairs, so their admins can focus on their product.

The combination of scalable space, up to 10 kilowatts per cabinet and being inside a major carrier hotel makes downtown Seattle perfect for colocating private, hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure.


Colocation Northwest operates four data centers in the Westin Building Exchange. Located alongside downtown businesses and hotels, users can have 24-hour access to their equipment or contract with us to manage your IT infrastructure.

  • 2 data centers totaling 4,000 ft2
  • Inside the regional carrier hotel
  • 24-hour staffed security
  • Meet-me room access
  • Cabinets, cages and suites
  • Roof rights for wireless P2P

Once the corporate headquarters for Westin Hotels, over the years the building has added infrastructure and routinely upgraded to support diverse offsite communications, extensive in-building communications and building-wide facilities. This includes the in-wall optical fiber and standby generators that provide power during municipal outages.

Each Colocation Northwest data center has a 1,200-kilowatt capacity. In addition to the building's generators, Colocation Northwest manages the electricity, provides uninterruptible power supply and operates the cooling. They have pre-action fire suppression, smoke and heat detection, and are remotely monitored 24 hours every day from our network operations center.

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International Connectivity

In our Downtown Seattle data centers, Colocation Northwest hosts a Seattle point of presence for PCCW Global. Cross connect with this premier Tier 1 international carrier, well-known for its Asia-Pacific access to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. PCCW manages cross-border solutions, used by most multinational corporations, into mainland China and other parts of the region.

In addition to being a carrier hotel, the Westin Building Exchange is a transpacific cable access point.

Multiple Carriers

Our extensive provider interconnectivity features over 250 carriers, network service providers and ISPs.

Globally Connected

High-speed access across transpacific cable landings with international carriers like PCCW Global.

Meet-Me Rooms

Onsite multi-carrier exchange plus access with three carrier hotels including dark fiber to the Westin building.

Transpacific Access

Interconnect with international Tier 1 carriers like PCCW Global through Colocation Northwest's fiber network.

Users colocating inside our Westin building data centers have access to the carrier hotel's copper and optical fiber meet-me rooms. Interconnect with over 250 carriers, network service providers and members of the Seattle Internet Exchange, a not-for-profit organization that connects ISPs so they can share communications. One must journey to San Francisco or Denver to find the nearest carrier hotels with a similar concentration of carriers and providers.

Users that desire wireless point-to-point access between the Westin building and their premises can take advantage of our high 30th floor data center or rent antenna space on the building roof.

Every Colocation Northwest data center connects to the Westin via dark fiber. This gives all Colocation Northwest users convenient access to high-throughput, low latency connectivity with Asia-Pacific, Canada, Europe and the Americas.

Our Westin Building Exchange data centers connect to our West Coast network featuring three carrier hotels and other points of presence in the San Francisco area, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas regions. From these locations we connect businesses to transpacific cable landings up and down the U.S. West Coast.

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What Will You Do with High-Throughput, Low Latency Connectivity?


Colocation Northwest operates four separate data centers inside the Westin Building Exchange. Each of our four data centers are rated for 1,200 kilowatts capacity. In the event of an outage, they have uninterruptable power supplies that keep servers operating until the redundant diesel backup generators come online.


Cooling ranges from 12 tons to 40 tons, depending on which data center. Three of Colocation Northwest's data centers can upgrade by another 10 tons, another reason Downtown Seattle is ideal for scalable colocation.

Pacific Islanders Case Study

Learn how a telecommunications provider uses Colocation Northwest's downtown Seattle data center to deliver telephone, television and internet interconnectivity between a major Pacific island and the world.

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Long considered one of the most secure buildings in Seattle, the Westin Building Exchange features 24-hour round-the-clock guards, single-person entry and CCTV. The building's revolving doors will admit only one person at a time. No one passes beyond the building lobbies without either a valid keycard or being signed-in and accompanied by an authorized tenant.

Data center access is controlled by separate keycard security. Inside, individually locked cabinets and cages are both available.

Secure Building

24-Hour Staff

CCTV Monitored

Locked Cabinets

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