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Data Center and Connectivity Solutions

Why Clients Use Colocation Northwest

What is Your Business Objective?

More and more companies are turning to colocation as the ideal alternative to operating server rooms and data centers.

  • Enterprises continue to operate legacy systems that cannot migrate into the cloud.
  • Compliance with laws, regulations and security guidelines may prohibit storing or processing data on non-owned hardware or outside of specified geographic regions.
  • Companies seek greater flexible scaling and greater reliability than a server room can deliver.
  • Colocating can provide dramatic cost savings over operating an on-premises data center.

Colocation Northwest helps companies of all sizes to achieve their objectives and goals by combining our knowledge and resources to craft and deliver effective technology solutions. From large Fortuneā„¢ enterprises to small and medium sized businesses, our cost-effective services deliver flexible solutions to meet almost any challenge.

Hybrid Data Centers

To companies operating several cabinets, drawing 100 kilowatts or more, Colocation Northwest offers long-term wholesale whitespace. Our South Hill Seattle data center has 50,000 square feet and over 40 megawatts of power available with abundant bandwidth scalable to more for future growth. Companies that seek larger installations can lease a 150,000 square foot shell data center and access the campus's dual-fed 50-megawatt substation.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

From well-known entertainment conglomerates to mom-and-pop shops, businesses encounter hardware failures, human error, targeted attacks and natural disasters every day. Entropy never sleeps.

Business should take preemptive measures to minimize susceptibility and prepare for a quick recovery when preventative measures fail.

Remote Backups

Remote Backups

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service keeps remote backups of your data.

Failover Sites

Failover Sites

Maintain a secondary site for operating when your primary site fails.

Resilient Location

Resilient Location

Our Tier 3 data center is certified to withstand a magnitude 9 quake.

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High-Density Computing

High-density data centers support about three times the power, greater than 10 kilowatts per cabinet, with at least 150 watts per square foot. Our South Hill Seattle data center supports up to 260 watts per square foot and up to 30 kilowatts per cabinet.

South Hill Seattle is a state-of-the-art Tier 3 data center with complete N+1 redundancy. It was designed and constructed for the cost-effective operation of high-density computing, business continuity and disaster recovery, and high-speed international connectivity.

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Cloud Infrastructure and Connectivity

Put your private cloud hardware in our data centers. Colocation Northwest houses cloud hardware and interconnection points of presence. We provide connectivity to public cloud providers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. For businesses operating multi-cloud networks, we will connect your colocated IT to all cloud vendors and to your networked hardware located elsewhere.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Colocate your IT in one of our data centers.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Connect your private cloud to your public cloud.



Connect your private cloud to multiple public clouds.

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Transpacific Access

Access high bandwidth, low-latency transpacific access and global interconnectivity.

Colocation Northwest has data centers inside the Westin Building Exchange with multiple Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers onsite, including PCCW Global. The Westin is a major regional carrier hotel. Colocation Northwest customers have meet-me room access with over 250 carriers, network providers and ISPs.

We operate a West Coast network with points of presence in the One Wilshire, Los Angeles, carrier hotel and Pittock Building, Portland, carrier hotel. Through these PoPs, end users can connect to transpacific cable landings and Asia-Pacific endpoints for high-bandwidth, low latency connectivity.

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Enterprise Solutions

With over 20 years in business, Colocation Northwest has worked with some of the largest enterprises in the world including Fortuneā„¢ ranked industrial, technology, entertainment and gaming companies. We amassed an impressive body of knowledge and proficiency that we would like to make available to your enterprise organization.



Wholesale, high-density and Disaster Recovery colocation.



Interconnect your private clouds with multiple public clouds.



IT infrastructure design, deployment and configuration.

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Helping you achieve your business goals becomes our objective.

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