What is a meet-me-room? Where is a meet-me-room located? The meet-me-room provides opportunities for communications firms to exchange data with hundreds of telecom carriers and internet service providers (ISP) that are all within the same facility.


There are two types of facilities used for interconnections; meet-me-room is usually small and located in a carrier hotel like The Westin Building. If the facility is larger the meet-me-room is unto itself, detached from a carrier hotel.


Used For

The meet-me-room is a gateway to the internet with quick, reliable and cost-effective connections between the tenants in the building, which happen to be ISP providers, local exchange companies, cable and e-commerce companies. Telecommunications organizations and providers can connect to each other and exchange information without the added cost of local fees. The meet-me-room distributes traffic at a low cost. Organizations that use a large amount of bandwidth typically benefit from the meet-me-room.

The size of a meet-me-room is typically on the small side. Because fiber runs from a tenant’s suite to patch panels and then to the meet-me-room to be interconnected.


The meet-me-room interconnects tenants. The Westin Building, located in downtown Seattle in Washington state, is a primary carrier interconnection facility that is carrier-neutral with an abundance of interconnections. This allows any tenant to interconnect. This primary carrier hotel offers a few choices for tenants: the fiber meet-me-room, copper meet-me-room, the fast and ever-growing exchange point of the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX), and the Pacific NW Giga Pop (PNWGP) who designs, implements and manages the multi-state high bandwidth and high-capacity network.

Our Seattle data center facility is located in the primary carrier hotel of The Westin Building and has several suites from which customers can connect to the meet-me-room. Colocation NorthWest can offer interconnection points to Asian, Canadian, Europe, and American network service providers and carriers, we have a connection to every major service provider and carrier in the region through our own copper and fiber cross connect facilities. Including interconnection to other networks and online entities through the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX).

Learn how your business can colocate in our Seattle data center. Connecting your business to interconnection points in Asia, Canada, European and American network service providers and carriers. Talk to our sales team or call 1-877-359-9263 to find out how.