Were you left in the dark? On May 26, 2016 a power outage created disruptive chaos, impaction 60% of Seattle’s downtown core. All things from computers, landline phones, traffic signals, elevators—anything using electricity was affected, leaving thousands of people without power. Businesses had to let employees go home for the day let them work from home to salvage the day’s work. This is especially debilitating to businesses who host their own servers, everything comes to a complete standstill. Businesses miss out on productivity, lost revenue, and so much more.

Colocation NorthWest customers were unaffected by the wide scale outage. Our state of the art Seattle Data Center facilities operated as expected and none of our colocated customers saw any disruption in services. Our facility and network teams were onsite in minutes making sure all aspects of our colocation operations were working properly. With a redundant network and robust backbone, a business will never experience downtime when colocating with Colocation NorthWest. You want to know that your business can power through the next catastrophic failure, Colocation NorthWest can make sure you don’t go dark next time the power goes out. Reach out and talk to our team to learn how we can help your business with server colocation services in our eight Seattle data center locations. We even have available space in our data centers right downtown.