Who monitors multiple data centers to ensure there is a flawless performance and availability around the clock, 365 days a year? Who is there when equipment encounters an unexpected issue? Who do our customers contact during holidays, inclement weather, any time of day?

The Network Operations Center (NOC) does it all! Our NOC team is a group of outstanding technicians who are highly skilled that work 24/7/365—day and night, weekdays and weekends even holidays. The NOC team provides support for IsoFusion servers, systems, network and colocation facilities throughout the Puget Sound region.


As a leader providing internet access and IT services in the Puget Sound region, our NOC team covers a lot! The NOC facility is well equipped just like our technicians, to handle any situation. Our main NOC facility is located in the heart of downtown Tacoma, in the historic Perkins building. There are smaller NOC facilities throughout our multiple data center locations in Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond. It’s the NOC team’s priority to make sure your business does not experience any sort of downtime, this is their number one job.

Monthly meetings for the NOC technicians is essential. The meetings are designed to review reoccurring issues; discuss upcoming maintenance plans; conduct training on new process and procedures; discuss any concerns the NOC technicians are facing or foresee.